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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Art Journal-Pan Pastels with Stencil

hope is a thing with feathers

I’m starting to zero in on things I do and do not like for my own art journals. After some of my attempts lately, I was actually ready to give up…

I have learned that I do not like the messy, drippy style that others can handle so beautifully. I also have decided I prefer the journals that are bound, and I have started a large moleskine sketchbook for my “real” art journal. I am using the Canson (used here) as a “practice” journal.

Having been really discouraged when trying to use spray inks with stencils, it was encouraging to learn that I could use Pan Pastels with stencils and achieve a soft, clean look that I like (this one is from The Crafter’s Workshop).


Buttons said...

It's great to get your head round what you do and don't like. Pan Pastels definitely look like a great way to go. Love those birds. Hugs, Buttons x

Marjie Kemper said...

Glad you found something you do enjoy... always good to find what works for your own style. Have fun with your journals!

Barbara said...

At least I know I can use the Pan Pastels with the stencils--wouldn't want to use them all the time, because I like more vibrant colors, but I have some stencils on hand I need to use occasionally! I also have had some success with molding paste in the stencils.