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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Leaders {Gratitude52 Art Journal}

G52 Prompt 29 Leaders

The Gratitude52 Journal prompts seem to be getting tougher each week. This week’s challenge is “Leaders.”

In the context of the political party conventions currently, and in advance of the upcoming national election, sadly, I have real trouble saying that I am thankful for our national leaders.

However, I am thankful that I know that God is still in control. And, we are exhorted in 1 Timothy 2:1-2 to pray for those who are in authority over us.

So, what I am thankful for is this: I can, and must, pray for the leaders who rule my country. I also pray for the blessing of having godly leaders, and I pray for that blessing to come soon.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Early Memory {Gratitude52 Art Journal}

The prompt for Week 28 of the Gratitude52 Journal is the toughest yet.


Wow. Now, rest assured, I have some very early memories. My earliest memory, in actuality, was right after my sister was born. She is 15 months younger than I, and I have a memory from not long after she came home from the hospital and took over MY baby bed. But, I can’t think of a link between that memory and my “purpose.”

So I gave myself permission to recall one of my earliest memories that IS illustrative of who I became and who I have been, the rest of my life since that memory.

G52 Prompt28 Early Memory

One time when I was around 9, my family was visiting in the home of someone who owned a piano, and the piano was in the living room where we were gathered. I placed my 1-3-5 fingers on the keys, playing what I later learned was a “triad.” The harmony was incredible to my ear. From that day, more than anything, I wanted to play piano. Shortly after that, my mother was able to get “her” piano from her mother’s home many miles away, and my parents started paying for me to take piano lessons ($.50 per lesson). Mother said she never had to “make” me practice. I just wanted to play, more than anything, and I understood that the only way I could get better was to practice.

Through the years, I continued with lessons, with many large chunks of time when we couldn’t afford it, during which time I took myself through the lesson books. I was still taking lessons as a senior in high school, when I began to teach piano. I gave piano lessons off and on for many years, teaching for brief periods my own two children and two of my grandchildren.

Piano became a major part of who I am. I accompanied for our churches, from the time I was 11. I accompanied my siblings as we sang around the piano so very many times, and as we traveled to local churches, singing as a family. I accompanied my children as they began to sing in public at very young ages. I love to play my baby grand piano now, as my children and grandchildren sing around the piano.

As I grow older, there are so many memories that I treasure. I rehearse them so that I “don’t forget to remember.” That first realization of the beauty of piano music is one of those early memories that truly foreshadowed my life from that time forward.

new yamaha

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Women of Valor Bible Study–Week 5: Rachel {Bible Art Journaling}


Bible Art - Women of Valor - Rachel

Continuing in the Women of  Valor study from Seasons Illustrated, this is what we learn about Rachel (taken from the Seasons Illustrated blog):

Rachel was the wife whom Jacob loved. She only had two sons; she died in childbirth with the second one. Still, despite the sad end to Rachel’s life, her story lives on through her sons.

Her first son, Joseph, is favored by Jacob and thus sold into slavery by his brothers, but rises from slavery to become an overseer of Egypt. He also becomes a strong and confident patriarch much like his father, and reconciles with his brothers despite their betrayal. He and Rachel’s son Benjamin, along with Leah’s sons and those of their handmaidens Zilpah and Bilhah, become the heads of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and so the fathers of God’s people.

Rachel was an imperfect woman. She kept idols, which tells us that her faith was likely less strong than Leah’s, or that her long-lasting infertility perhaps caused her to trust less in God. She was bitter towards her sister, though the sour parts of their relationship were two-sided just as much as were the loving parts. And she was not naturally resilient, often complaining or lashing out at her loved ones such as when she yells at Jacob, “Give me children, or I shall die!”

And still, despite her imperfections, she was chosen to be one of the mothers of God’s people. Along with Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah, Rachel is considered one of the matriarchs. She is still remembered today, honored in homes around the world on the night of the Jewish sabbath, when daughters are blessed with the words,

“May God make you like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah.”

Though Rachel may have felt forgotten when God did not give her children, she was always remembered, just as God remembered Hagar, and Sarah, and Rebecca, and Leah in their own distress. And still today, we remember her.

Rachel’s legacy through her sons is what the elders in the Book of Ruth refer to when they say that “Rachel and Leah… together built up the house of Israel.” Ruth 4:11

Legacy is a core value in my life. I have always been aware of and believed in the importance of what I leave for my descendants, in terms of who I am and what I would like for them to remember about me. So when the word “legacy” was used in this study, to describe the story of Rachel and the other matriarchs, that’s the part of the story that resonated with me.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Recipe for Gratitude52 Art Journal

G52 Prompt 27 Recipes

Prompt #27 for Gratitude52 Journal 2016: Share or illustrate a favorite recipe.

Wow, I have MANY favorite recipes, as I’ve always been a “cook” and come from a long line of cooks. We have lots of family recipes. But for these prompts, I usually go with whatever pops into my mind first. In this case, we had just made homemade ice cream for our July 4 celebration.

In the old timey-times, we never worried about consuming raw eggs. So, my standard recipe through the years was this simple recipe that called for raw eggs. I made it many, many times, especially for family camping trips (in those wonderful days when my children were home and we did so many fun things together).

In recent years, I have tried some recipes that require cooking the mixture. It is very inconvenient, and just not the same. With some research I discovered I could use my original recipe and just substitute liquid eggs (pasteurized). Yep, as delicious as I remembered it, with no health concern.

G52 Prompt 27 Recipes

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Praise Him With the Trumpet {Bible Art Journaling}

Bible Art Ps 150

I smile when I read Psalm 150. My family is a musical family, and we have been praising the Lord with musical instruments for as long as we have been a family!

I always try to make sure I do not cover text with my art. In the case of these stamps, I paid more attention to that than to the “accurate positioning” of the instruments!

Bible Art Ps 150

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Women of Valor Bible Study-Week 4: Leah {Bible Art Journaling}

Bible Art-Women of Valor-Leah

From the Seasons Illustrated Bible Study blog: After the love story of Isaac and Rebekah, their son Jacob marries two sisters (long story involving deceit), Leah and Rachel. He loves Rachel but not Leah. While Rachel remains barren, Leah has child after child. First is Reuben, “Because the Lord has looked upon my affliction; for now my husband will love me” (Gen 29:32).

And still, Jacob doesn’t love her.

Next is Simeon, “Because the Lord has heard that I am hated, he has given me this son also.” (Gen 29:33).

And still, Leah is unloved.

Third is Levi, “Now this time my husband will be attached to me, because I have borne him three sons” (Gen 29:34).

And still, Jacob remains unattached.

Finally is Judah. With his birth, Leah says “This time I will praise the Lord” (Gen 29:35). Leah was not born in to Jacob’s faith; rather, she adopted it as her own when she married him.

Here we see that Leah truly was a woman of faith, who praises the Lord with every birth of her children, and mentions God in these chapters more often than any other figure. She took the faith of her husband and made it her own.

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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thankful for a Free Country (so far) {Gratitude52 Art Journal}

G52 Prompt 26 Independence Day

This week’s (#26) Prompt for the Gratitude52 Art Journal is “Sketch, quote or illustrate your gratitude for your freedoms.”

The holiday we celebrate on July 4 each year in the USA is “Independence Day.” We so often take our freedoms for granted, and it seems like these days so many are willing to give up the freedoms that were so costly to attain.

I am thankful to live in a free country, although I do believe our freedoms are being threatened, and this time, from within. While I am sad and disappointed about that, I celebrate our freedoms while I can.

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Women of Valor Bible Study-Week 3: Rebekah {Bible Art Journaling}

Bible Art-Women of Valor-Rebekah

The story of how Rebekah was “chosen” to be the wife of Isaac, found in Genesis 24, is one of my favorite stories. I’m a hopeless romantic, and this story of God-ordained love is enthralling! It actually reminds me of the God-ordained love story of my husband and myself! Really!

Some of the things she did are not as admirable as others, but for sure, Rebekah played a major role in the history of the children of Israel.

Bible Art-Women of Valor-Rebekah

“And he loved her.” Goosebumps!

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Smell the Coffee {Gratitude52 Art Journal}

G52 Prompt 25 Smell

This week’s prompt (#25) in the 2016 Gratitude 52 Art Journal Challenge is “Sketch, quote or illustrate your appreciation for the sense of smell.” An immediate assocation popped into my head, from a recent sermon.

Our son is a pastor. He is currently preaching a series on “Discovering Real Joy.” We were visiting in his church when he preached a message about the joy of fellowship (working together) in a church family. He used some object lessons, and for the first one, he used a Keurig to brew a cup of fresh, hot coffee. He was demonstrating how the ground coffee and the water work together to make a wonderful cup of coffee. As he picked up the cup, he raised the cup to his nose and said, “I don’t know about you, but the smell of freshly-brewed coffee brings me joy.” I was thinking, “That is so true.”

A fragrance/smell/scent can change a mood, it can bring back a memory, it can create a sense of well-being. I am thankful for the sense of smell.

Going to have a cup of coffee now. Need me some joy.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Women of Valor Bible Study: Week 2–Sarah {Bible Art Journaling}

Bible Art - Women of Valor - Sarah

Very not happy with the art for this page—rushed too much trying to meet a self-imposed deadline. I am in a 12-week study on Women of Valor, and the new challenges come each Sunday. So, wanted to get this one done today.

Regardless of the art, I was blessed by this week’s study. Sarah is quite a story. This week’s lesson focused on the stage of her life where, as an older woman, she learned she would have a child. She laughed.

From Genesis,

13And the LORD said to Abraham, "Why did Sarah laugh, saying, 'Shall I indeed bear a child, when I am so old?' 14"Is anything too difficult for the LORD? At the appointed time I will return to you, at this time next year,and Sarah will have a son." 15Sarah denied it however, saying, "I did not laugh"; for she was afraid. And He said, "No, but you did laugh."  …New American Standard Bible

It is such a relevant question still today: Is anything too difficult for God? The answer is still the same: with God anything is possible.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

My Interview for Rebekah Jones {Bible Art Journaling}

Several months ago I was honored to be asked by the lovely Rebekah Jones to be interviewed for her blog. I am reprinting it here.

Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant Roundup Interview


Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant Roundup Interview

Hello everyone! I’ve got a fun roundup interview today, of ladies who have all participated in the Bible Art Journaling Challenge! I’m bringing you Barbara Ford, Patsy McGehee Stowe, Elmarie Kruis and Barbara Rademacher! You may recognize them, or not, but I am certain you will just LOVE what they have to say and share today. You’ll be able to relate to them and glean from their own creative journey with God.

Be sure to share this with anyone who will want to hear from these lovely ladies and enjoy this post.

Before we get to interview questions, I asked each Bible art journalist to introduce themselves. May you be richly blessed by this post and we hope to hear from you in the comments!

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant
Barbara Ford (aka Barbara Wilson Ford)

Location – We have two homes. My primary home (my home state where my roots are and where my daughter’s family lives): Missouri; my second home, so that I can be close to our son and his family who recently moved: Washington.
  • Blog –
  • Pinterest –
  • Instagram – @scrappermamo
  • Twitter – @scrappermamo
  • Random interesting life detail – Married for 50 years, daughter of a pastor, mother of a pastor, grandmother of a pastor-in-training at seminary.
  • Art Journaling Bible – Midsize 400 Notetakers Bible, KJV. It has 11 point font and 2.5 inch margins. LOVE IT!

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant

Patsy McGehee Stowe
  • Location – Beaufort, South Carolina, USA
  • Random interesting life detail – I am a wife, a mother of two daughters, and an art teacher.
  • Art Journaling Bible – NIV Journaling Bible.

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant

Elmarie Kruis

  • Location – Centurion, South Africa
  • Instagram – @elmarieellahx
  • Random interesting life detail – I am a Pre-school Teacher, which challenged me to think creative, experimenting with new techniques and different kinds of mediums.  All in God’s plan to prepare me for Bible Journaling!!!
  • Art Journaling Bible – ESV Single Column Journaling Bible – Red. The Journaling Bible with a red cover is no longer available, but this is the black cover version of the same one.

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant
Barbara Rademacher
    • Location – Bentonville, Arkansas, USA – Home of Walmart.  Bentonville is nestled in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains mere minutes away from glorious scenery and terrific boating, swimming, and fishing.  Needless to say, I love it here.  I teach math at the local community college, and attend Fellowship Bible Church in Lowell, AR.
    • Blog –
    • Pinterest –
    • Instagram – @barbrad42
    • YouTube –
    • Random interesting life detail – I create math videos for my community college students and upload them to Youtube.
    • Art Journaling Bible – Year 1 of Bible journaling: The Life Application Study Bible. Year 2 of Bible journaling: Inspire Bible.

On to these interview questions!

What drew you to start art journaling in your Bible?

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Ford – I have always written in my Bibles (in every available space), including my thoughts, sermon notes, etc. But I am new at any form of “art” and only in recent years began art journaling. I do not remember which of my Facebook friends first mentioned that there was “such a thing” as BIBLE art journaling.

I followed a couple of links and absolutely and totally fell in love with the idea. Right away I found the Illustrated Faith Facebook page, joined the group (at that time only a few members, as I recall), and jumped in with both feet. I have found it to be a wonderful way to combine my newfound “creativity” (never thought of myself as being creative, much less artistic, and that’s the truth) and Bible study (always loved being a student).

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantPatsy McGehee Stowe – I was creating a coloring book based with uplifting scripture for a dear friend of mine who has breast cancer.  As I was researching ideas, I came across Bible journaling as a form of worship.  I fell in love with it, and have been a little OCD about it.

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantElmarie Kruis – At the end of 2014 I found photo’s of Karla Dornacher ‘s faith journal. I was so amazed but thought I could never be able to do something like that. In February 2015 my sister-in-law introduced me to the Bible Art Journaling challenge Facebook page. I was in awe.

By March 2015 I found a Journaling Bible at our local Christian Bookstore (which is highly unlikely in South-Africa) I bought a set of 24 Faber-Castell Aquarelle pencils and started to follow Rebekah’s challenges.

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Rademacher – One evening, a fellow church member who happens to work a  Day Spring brought art supplies and led us in a Bible art journaling experience. I thought it was the strangest idea I had ever heard of, but I became totally addicted. God has used Bible art journaling to open my eyes to the wonders of His Word. For the first time in my 63 years (when I started), I ENJOYED reading the Bible.

How would you describe your Bible art journaling style?

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Ford – My style is eclectic but always simple. Sometimes I sketch and paint. I am a beginner at art—didn’t sketch ANYTHING until 3 years ago and never painted anything before that (unless paint by number counts). So, even on the pages that might be considered “artwork,” it is simple, because that’s all I can do. Sometimes I just use text with color background (for text I sometimes trace around stickers and then remove the stickers, or use freehand—I am not skilled with script). I occasionally use stamps that I paint with watercolor. Sometimes I cover the whole page, sometimes just the margin, but I ALWAYS use transparent medium so the words show through. I either use a passage from a challenge, or a passage that is meaningful to me at the moment.

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantPatsy McGehee Stowe – Eclectic… I am a visual arts teacher, so I am familiar with many art styles.  I generally research visual images that may have been used through the scripture passage and put my own twist on it.

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantElmarie Kruis – I don’t think I have a specific style. Each inscription is very unique and I like to use different techniques and mediums.

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Rademacher – I am eclectic, to say the least. I have watched hundreds of hours of Youtube videos dealing with art techniques since I began art journaling in my several Bibles last year. I do know I am not good at drawing yet. However, I am becoming much more adventurous; this month, for instance, I began wanting to hand letter in my Bible.

Of any of the Bible Art Journaling Challenges you have participated in, which is your favorite piece you completed and why?

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Ford – One thing I appreciate about Rebekah’s challenges is that she does not require that you do exactly what she does, only that you use the same passage that she uses in that challenge. Sometimes I follow along with her, pretty much step-by-step, and that’s perfectly okay. Sometimes I use my own artistic interpretation of the passage, and that’s perfectly okay. I have several “favorites,” but answering the question here, this one is a favorite. It is from Rebekah’s Original Bible Art Journaling Challenge, Week 18, Hebrews 11:1. I used alpha stamps for the letters in FAITH, and I sketched and watercolored everything else.


Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantPatsy McGehee Stowe – John 3:16’s entry is my favorite. I came across an image on pinterest by Erin Leigh.  This particular folk art style appeals to me. I like the simplicity of the image, use of color, and the ability to get the message across to the viewer. I decided to use Erin Leigh’s style to depict John 3:16.
(Note from Rebekah: The photo inspiring Patsy is no longer available, but what a lovely depiction here that Patsy created after being inspired!)

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant Journaling Bible Entry

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantElmarie Kruis – May 2015, for me, ended with a HUGE storm. It felt like everything I knew and worked for was falling apart. Then Rebekah announced the WEEK 20 Bible Art Journaling Challenge. Psalm 42:7-8. I immediately knew the waves I was going to draw would represent the current spiritual storm I was going through. As I painted the curly waves I could feel God’s healing taking place. It took me almost three days to complete this challenge. As I ended this challenge I knew God finished what he started and I grew through this whole process.

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant Journaling Bible Entry

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Rademacher – The challenge that has moved me the most is the June 2016 Heaven is Calling prompt:  Choose the Best Portion, Luke 10:38-42, the story of Martha and Mary.  Of course, I have read the tale many times, but on this occasion I was especially inspired, possibly because I was praying for art inspiration.  When God inspires, He inspires broadly.

I began thinking very deeply about Mary and Martha and their relationship to each other.  I was so inspired, I wrote text in every available white area of the two pages.  Then, the next day, I discovered that my new ladies’ Bible study was partly about Martha and Mary, and taking a deeper look – this was AFTER I wrote all the text.  Clearly, God has decided to deal with me about my Martha and Mary characteristics.

One more thing:  I was inspired to do something I have never done before, just use my own handwriting on the “art text” (I don’t know what else to call it.)  For all the failures, all the lettering (except for the publisher lettering) is mine.  God is truly amazing.

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge Participant Journaling Bible Entry

What are your top 5, favorite art supplies for your Bible art journaling process?

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Ford – Art Basics Clear Gesso (applied with a foam brush), Derwent Inktense Blocks (often use a water brush directly bars to page), NeoColor II Crayons (often use water brush directly crayon to page), Ranger Heat Gun, Distress Inks (I prefer the bright colors and apply with Tim Holtz blending tool).

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantPatsy McGehee Stowe – I mostly use Prang watercolors, Prismacolor watercolor pencils, and Sakura Micron pens.

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantElmarie Kruis – Derwent inktense pencils, Washi tape, Liquitex matte gel meduim, Sakura Pigma Micron pens, Faber Castell Gelatos.

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Rademacher – I believe strongly that someone could begin Bible art journaling and spend almost no money using only Art Basics clear gesso and Ranger Distress markers. Everything else is icing on the cake. However, I am extremely fond of my PrismaColor pencils and Inktense pencils.

(Note from Rebekah: Barbara also mentioned her heavy-bodied acrylic paints to me, which I enjoy too!)

What is your top tip for Bible art journaling?

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Ford – Remember that your work is just that: YOUR work. Whether, like me, your style is rather eclectic, or whether you use the same style most of the time, there are two main things that I try to keep in focus: (1) I want the page to reflect the meaning of that passage FOR ME; (2) I want my art journaling Bible(s) to be passed down to my children and grandchildren, so I try to make sure they reflect me and what I believe/how I feel (not so much about whether or not I was a great “artist”). With the passing of time, I think more about what “of me” will remain in the hearts of my children and grandchildren after I am no longer with them. This is not morbid; it is simply a fact that the value of “legacy” increases with time. It just does.

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantPatsy McGehee Stowe – Research images related to the scripture…once you find that image that speaks to you, research different ways that image may have been used throughout various art styles. I use Google images, Pinterest, Bibleartjournalingcommunity, etc. as resources for visual inspiration. Then take your inspiration and make it your own!

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantElmarie Kruis – With one of my first Bible art journaling challenge inscription I copied someone in the groups page. It never grew on me… My top tip is always add your personal touch to an inscription and never be critical of your own work. God wants to communicate with you. He does this by inspiring you from choosing the verse down to the last pen mark. If you make “mistakes” always be open to learn a lesson. God communicates with us even through our faults.

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Rademacher – Simply this: Don’t listen to the enemy when he whispers you are not good enough.

How has Bible art journaling most impacted your relationship with God and your time spent with His Word?

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Ford – Bible Art Journaling gives me an additional reason to be excited about opening The Word. I enjoy finding a way to illustrate my “take-away” from a Scripture passage, making it more meaningful and memorable. Also, the “teacher in me” is always looking for ways to share life inspiration from meaningful passages. Sharing the art that I do on the pages of the Bible helps me feel like I am using two of my gifts: teaching and creativity.

I write a corresponding blog piece for each page I do (as well as for the Faith Art that I do). That gives me an opportunity to talk about the meaning the passage has for me. My blog posts are about the inspiration from the passage, not about the technique or supplies used. So, Bible art journaling has impacted my relationship with God, and my time spent with His Word, on several levels.

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantPatsy McGehee Stowe – Since my recent discovery of Bible art journaling, I have found myself more in the Word than I have ever been. I like how am focused on one message and do my best to illustrate it…hopefully to memory.

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantElmarie Kruis – This journey has definitely deepened my relationship with God. If I page through my Bible, each inscription has a story and it is visibly clear that I have grown from the very first inscription until now. My Journaling Bible compares with my teen diary. When I look at the pages I remember exactly how I felt, and what I learned at each stage. This reminds me of God’s grace and how He will never leave me nor forsake me.

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Rademacher – I became a born-again, evangelical Christian in 1996. Before that, I had occasionally attended church and read the Bible less. After becoming a Christian, I still could not enjoy reading the Bible; I prayed to enjoy reading it, but I could not convince myself that I liked reading the Bible.

Bible art journaling has totally transformed my relationship with God’s Word and therefore with God Himself. I forced myself to read the Bible before, now I look forward to spending time with God in the Bible. I look forward to the lessons I can learn and how I might express that meaning visually.

What would you say to someone who hasn’t yet gotten started with a Bible Art Journaling Challenge?

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Ford – Most importantly, START. Do a page. For me, because I do not like bleed-through and I use different media (not all dry), I always prep the page first, using Rebekah’s method, with Art Basics Clear Gesso. If you do that first, it’s not so intimidating to start a page. Once prepped, it’s easy to start adding text or stamps or sketching and/or color. You do not need to be an artist; on the other hand, it’s okay if you ARE an artist.

Bible Art Journaling will deepen and enrich your relationship with God, and if you share your work, for example on Rebekah’s Facebook group, it will allow you to reach out and influence others in ways you could never have imagined. And, as I’m in my late 60’s, I’m always thinking about a legacy I can leave behind for my grandchildren, so as I do these pages, I have an eye to the generations to come!

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantPatsy McGehee Stowe – To someone who hasn’t gotten started with a Bible Art Journaling Challenge, I suggest making your entry personal in some way.  On every entry I have completed, I have tried to apply the scripture to my life in some way so that the artwork becomes very personal to me.  God gave me a love for making art, and this new art form for me has almost become a creative communication from me to God…

I have a habit of latching on to a hobby for a while and then all of sudden switch to another activity or hobby.  I am thankful for this creative outlet that keeps me connected with God.  I hope and pray that I will continue to think of it as a deeper connection with my relationship with Jesus and not a “hobby”.

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantElmarie Kruis – Take the plunge.  You don’t need the most expensive Bible or art supplies.  God uses little things to create BIG miracles. All He wants is to spend time with YOU!

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Rademacher – To someone who has not yet started a Bible Art Journaling Challenge, I would say, “Give it a try.  What have you got to lose?  Since so much of Bible art journaling is done with designs, you don’t have to have any talent.  You can buy some cheap colored pencils and get started.

I have NEVER found a more inspiring pastime.  My life is so much more passionate now than it was before, and I have made new friends.  Thanks to Rebekah, I know God and art better than I have ever known either, even though I have read the Bible, attended church, and visited art museums before.  Just do it!”

Is there anything else you would like to say or share with us?

Barbara Ford - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Ford – I would encourage everyone who is receiving spiritual value from this activity (Bible journaling) to make it a goal to continue, to keep going, to keep it up. Sometimes a “trend” or a “fad” will fade with time. Maybe that’s okay, but if you are growing spiritually from Bible journaling, keep going. Even if you need to put it aside for awhile for various reasons, don’t quit. Allow God to continue to bless you through this application of His Word in your life!

Patsy McGehee Stowe - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantPatsy McGehee Stowe – One of my dreams is to one day illustrate a children’s book…I wouldn’t be able to write it…as I am not a writer, but I do love to draw!

Elmarie Kruis - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantElmarie Kruis – God has opened so many doors for me since I began this journey. And I have been blessed with new sisters from all over the world, sharing my love and passion. I am thankful and stand amazed. Our God is Great!

Barbara Rademacher - Bible Art Journaling Challenge ParticipantBarbara Rademacher – I enjoy the new journaling Bibles that offer pictures for coloring. I feel so free when I am using them: I can make my own art, or I can just relax and color. My experience with the new journaling Bibles is that I can have my cake and eat it too, as the old saying goes.

Thank you, Rebekah! I am totally honored to have been invited to participate in this round-up interview!